Proyecto Tsunami

Mediación Cultural en Ciudades Pequeñas - Distribución de Artes Escénicas

Sebastián Romero

Founder of Proyecto Tsunami
Creative Direction / Mise en scène / Production Design

Sebastián is a creative director and production designer who works mainly in performing arts, urban interventions, performance, festivals and film.

"My research focus on artistic languages, non conventional spaces, crosses between art, new technologies and new ways of learning and connect people through with cultural mediation"

International producing consultant for Talk is Free Theatre (Barrie, Canada) Liaison, tracking and coordination of international touring of site specific theatrical productions with Kappel Productions (Paramaribo, Suriname), and Matucana 100 (Santiago, Chile)


In theatre and performance art, Sebastián has worked as set designer, assistant, performer and producer to various directors such as Mariana Mazover, Lorena Romanín, Adrián Canale, Melisa Hermida, Andrea Chacón Alvarez, Paula Ransenberg, Anthony Black, Tamilla Woodard, Anna Margineanu, Román Podolsky, y Marcelo Savignone.

As director he wrote, created and produced Amanecí Muerta: a project that crossed visual and performing arts.

"A theatrical experience. An art installation in four spaces. A visual piece that immerses the audience in a universe of paper and light"

In his artistic research he works across artistic disciplines. Short films based on playwriting, visual installations for actresses. A piece of drama based on poetry. A theatrical path created with non actors and local residents, and so on.

In his film work, Sebastián has directed and produced short films based on theatrical texts and a Work in Progress of his own film “Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters)” based on texts by Chekhov.

CRUCES is a site specific installation that connects audios with acrylic and marker drawings to approach certain limits of the love mis-match. The installation was born from theatrical texts, mainly dialogues between two characters that could be the same person, and which later became oil pastel sketches. The installation includes the MAGMA sculpture work made of polyurethane, paper and synthetic paint.

As a set designer produced lighting installations for streamings, and performances.

He was the Production Coordinator for Usted Está Aquí, a theatrical experience that ran in the Ciudad Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires for three years and Stage Manager for the ELTI theatre festival (Latin American Meeting of Independent Theatre).

He has carried out various international collaborative projects such as Long Distance Affair (by Pop Up Theatrics, New York) for the Bienal Arte Joven (Biennial Young Art) festival in Buenos Aires in 2013 and in the BE Festival of Performance Art in Birmingham, England in 2014. Local Producer of "Cuando Llueve" argentinian version of When it Rains by Anthony Black (2b Theatre, Canada) translated and performed by Rafael Spregelburd.

"Throughout my 10 years career, I’ve been invited by the 2b Theatre Company (Halifax, Canada) to participate in the Americas Cultural Summit (Ottawa, 2018) organized by the Canada Arts Council and the Ministry of Culture of Argentina"

Sebastián produced Vivi Tellas’ intervention “Museo de la Paloma” (Pigeon Museum) during the Urban Interventions Festival “Changing Places: Revealed Spaces” in Buenos Aires. He was also the Artistic Producer for BP.15 - the First Biennial Performance Festival in Argentina where he produced various projects together with artists such as Fernando Rubio (“El tiempo entre nosotros” - “The Time Between us”) in the Parque de la Memoria, Diana Szeinblum “Los Contempladores” - “The Contemplators”), Mariana Oberzstern (“El Gran Ensayo” - “The Great Rehearsal”) in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Martín Sastre (“Volveré y seré performers” - “I Will Come Back and I will be Performers”) in the Casa Rosada, Jorge Macchi and Edgardo Rudnitzky (“Twilight”) in the Centro Cultural Kirchner.

He was the Local Producer for Lilian Franck’s documentary “TrustWHO” (OVALmedia, Berlin) and General Producer and Programmer for the 2nd Festival of Online Cinema of and for the Cinema Series of “Films that inspire Films” together with Nadia Marchione (of Revista el Amante).

In the direction of festivals for the Buenos Aires City Government, Sebastián has held the role of General Producer’s assistant of the 15th BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film) and he has produced the following festivals: Ciudad Emergente (Up and Coming City) and Buenos Aires Jazz.

He was an invited speaker at the meeting on “Performance Art and New Technology” at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) as organized by Ivanna Soto and Mónica Berman.


Artistic Coordinator at the Ministry of Cultural Management for the Province of Buenos Aires in the “AcercArte Verano” programme which involved large scale events in 9 cities over a period of 5 weeks.

His former roles were the Production Coordinator for the Buenos Aires German Film Festival and Performing Arts Coordinator at the Recoleta Cultural Center.

As a creator he also collaborated as an illustrator, and video creator for backstages and performances.

He is currently the Creative Director and Founder of Tsunami Project: a platform to create and produce cultural happenings in small cities.

​​Up and coming local scene. Non conventional spaces. Local artists and neighbors on stage

Sebastián is developing the concept of Affective Production to generate, maintain and consolidate artistic communities in small cities. Culture and art are the best strategy to vehicularize education. New ways of producing content and knowledge. New ways of constructing relationships and bonding.


"Humans must develop tools that stimulate the imagination for the creation of innovation projects that allow us to think about other options for life, coexistence and well-being. We promote thought and reflection to discard common places and hasty judgments, and allow us to broaden the field of reference of people who approach the Tsunami Project"